About us

Who are we?

You have listened to a  bunch of buzz words in marketing and PR? Not sure whether ´re-targeting´ is this something on websites  – and quite honestly?  you don´t care – , however, what you do  know is that you do need PR or marketing that bring results?

Exactly this is why we are here – Another Way Consulting is a team of professionals with international experience in high investment as well as in smaller budgeted Marketing- and PR-projects in a various industries. Vision and goal of Another Way Consulting is to ensure a complete marketing-services-package  – from strategy development, marketing planning, advertising, PR campaigns or event management  to the actual successful and detailed implementation of the aspired goals of our client – Creating  a mosaic.

What do we believe? (What makes us  Another Way?)

Focus on implementation and results – We believe in good results rather than big words. Even the best strategy  – if it remains on paper – it has no effect and it does not contribute to the purpose of marketing & PR plans – meaning  monitoring operating result. Therefore, we pay special attention to the implementation of plans and the final result that it will produce for the client. “Operational marketing”

Simplicity and minimalism – great stuff and great solutions are always simple and easy to understand. We try to demystify marketing and PR and offer simple and quality solutions that serve a purpose.

Independence – a number of successful projects profiled us as an “in-and-out expert team”, who – in agreement with the client – come into an organization or corporation, independently do their work, solve all challenges, and at the end of work go and leave the job completely finished.

Trust and business ethics – on projects we operate in full accordance with client guidelines. We believe – that the aim of engaging external experts is to solve problems, but at the same time also the complete abandonment of taking care of and investing  time into a particular business segment. Our tasks are completely our concern! And our client can safely concentrate on the core business.

What we do and how we can help?

1. Development of strategy and marketing plan and monitoring

2. Organization and implementation of all projects in the marketing , in Croatia and abroad:

• Pre-/Opening of projects  and launching of products

• PR management for 1 or client groups

• Plan and create individual campaigns, events and all types of on & off line marketing & PR

• Fashion Projects – brand-development and -positioning ,product management, PR, opening of retail outlets,  and organizations of fashion show

• Market research for products and brands, start-up projects, opening of company offices abroad

3. One-time projects – solving specific situations and challenges in an organization or department, solving needs for a radical shift within the market, the present marketing or PR results – our temporary presence “on site” (within an organization) saves your time and a solved situation.

We do not just develop a strategy paper, we actually implement the operations personally instead of you – we complete the mosaic.